Monday, March 19, 2007

Photo Essay

One of my favorite household chores is REFILLS. I love to refill the salt and pepper mills, the oil bottle, the flour bins, the soap dispensers, the toilet paper supply, the back stock shelves.

And then I see this. How can I go to organized refills to desk paperwork overload. Can you tell where I am going to be spending my time today?

But first it is time for the morning doggie run. Its the daily act of chase the Flossy sounding as mean as you possibly can...

... and then jump on Mommy.

Then Mommy will distract herself from her desk pile by show casing the crafty goodness she caught up on last night, like the 6 weeks behind I was on my 52 words project.

And this Yummy that started off as a Calendar over two years ago, it sat in a bag that long waiting for something, and now has become a monthly photo display.

Close up, I love my St. patty's gal.

This belated card package is waiting to go out. Layouts and a special crafty goody for my Mother in Law.


lisa lu 9:33 PM  

whoa...i think i might need one of those photo calendar things someday!

which reminds me, i need to ship my alex and nicole goodies ive had for months. arg!

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