Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I got the day right.

Yesterday I had to teach a class, so I woke up late (way late), we hustled Alex to school, we battled traffic, made four phone calls to my contact and left messages, arrived at class site, waited, got a call, and then found out that my class didn't start till Wednesday. So today I got it right, I woke up earlier (not quite late), did the breakfast thing with bug, did the routine school thing,came home to rain and a Casey on the stoop who I hustled back in so I could put on some makeup and actually find my heels instead of flip flops, we battled traffic again, drank coffee, talked with contact, geeked out over Office neatos, and now I am half way through class on lunch break. Luckily my students are amazing women who are smart, funny, and NICE. It's nice having nice students to interact with all day long.

Tomorrow I have to get it right again. And Tomorrow I have to have lunch variety. Casey was a love and packed me a lunch box: Juice, peaches, Peanut Butter sandwich, and, ummm, peanuts. Lots of peanuts, more so with the sandwich. I had a giggle because I knew he was thinking about protein and me keeping my blood sugar up. I love my lunch box packing man. Tomorrow, must eat leftovers and have variety. With Peanuts.



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