Friday, March 09, 2007

The Best Gift ever!

Casey and I knocked our heads together for this gem of a gift. We made our friend Scotty a mixed CD of songs that are all about S*X. I had fun making the covers and of course rocking out to raunchy tunes.

Last nights party for Scotty was fun, Casey and I were the only couple to not come Backwards, meaning in each others clothes. That group of people are always a good time, a drinking time and smoking time and food time, a need the next day to recover time, a time when I am always amazed that they do this "time" like 3 times a week. How I have no idea. But none the less it was a good time.

They want me to come back tonight for a Karaoke party, and I don't think that is going to happen. *grin*


gina 10:44 PM  

dude, that's awesome! haha

Screamingiguana 11:32 PM  

I did a lot of Gay music research on this one to make sure that Scotty would like the mix.....

Props to Casey's mad homosexual research.....

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