Sunday, March 11, 2007

Zoo tidbits

Today Alex and i went to the SA Zoo with some friends from scouts, good friends, friends that are friends and not just aquantancies. Anyways! We packed mega lunches, got a family pass for the year, enjoyed our lunches (which they allow into the park) on a floating dock over looking one of the bird lagoons, hiked around the zoo since it is all up and down hill (think Hills like the ones by the Polar bears in SD), walked every minute of it in rain (some sprinkles, some down pours), continuously carolled three kiddos, petted a RHINO (seriously), saw mega bugs at the new bug mania exhibit, peeped at the new construction, quizzed Misty on the Zoo's history, fed Lorikeets and butterflies, and then finished up the day with a trip to the gift shop where each boy picked a poster. Fun times, wet times, good times, no camera times, just good memory building times. it is interesting to me what I actually absorbed about the day, I was in a new place and I REALLY enjoyed myself. It is no where near as Fabulous as the San Diego Zoo, but DAMN SA should be proud of the zoo and support it more. I dig it.

I now find myself sitting up, storm watching since we are under a string of watches right now, tornado, flash flood, severe thunderstorm, and high winds. This weather strikes often this time of year and I actually slightly enjoy the process of tracking it till I can't hold my head up any longer or the immediate threat passes. And to think, this is what Casey drive through last night!


lisa 12:37 AM  

sounds like fun! I envy the rhino encounter! Lorakeets are fun! Do they let you feed them like at the wild animal park where they drink drink drink nectar then shoot it out as poo right there? they DO say...wear a hat!

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