Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring is A Coming

You know spring is on its way when you can open all the windows in the morning to let in a fresh breeze, you have to turn on the AC if you decide to do some mad cooking, and you can hear crickets at night over the TV. *sigh* I love Spring, the pastels, the baby greens, the new. I have actually stopped watching TV at night this week so I can hear the crickets and craft instead.

Today will be a bit of Spring cleaning, some major laundry, baseboard scrubbing, super vacuuming (gotta love the Dyson for that) and some pantry organization. I do think its time to make sure all the food staples are being rotated out in an organized manner in there. Sometimes I randomly find a can of cream of something with the VONS label on it from when we lived in San Diego. Eepp!

On the baking side of cooking, I have been in love with this book. Every recipe in it has been amazing, from the Banana Sandwich bread (great with PB&J's), to the Country White, to the Honey White. So yummy. i also tried my hand at tortilla making over the weekend, they mostly turned out to be Gordita thick, but they worked great with the Taco Cups I made for dinner. Yay for something new that I have tried. next time I will buy the tortilla flour though.

On the Muffin front Archie has completely become Casey's wee Muffin pup. He follows Casey everywhere and when Casey is gone I find him sitting under Casey's desk waiting for him. This week Archie has even been a little depressed and keeps laying on Casey's slippers. Oh Muffin love, how sweet you are.

Know anything fun to do in Denver CO? Looks like their might be a trip in the very near future to Denver. I am excited!


Lisa 6:50 PM  

crickets and lovely! my scrapping stuff is still packed up. <=( Might as well be. I am trying to oragnzie before drags everything out.

I havent been to Denver since 98. They have a really awesome downtown scene. They had a restaurant called Bayou Bob's or something that had the BEST chicken friend Chicken I've ever had.

gina 8:51 PM  

I love Spring too! I love how everything is so fresh and new. It's very refreshing.

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