Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dust and Ashes

Today is Ash Wednesday, there are 46 days till Easter. Tonight at church Alex read the "adult sized" bible the entire time. Never before has he taken an interest in the services, usually he is begging to go to the kids room. I felt it was important for him to be there for the Ash services, the explanation, to take communion, to be part of it, to hear the praise worship, hear the laughter and singing and clapping and feel it all the way down to his new Skater Shoes soles. He did. And I cried over it. More so when he asked me if they were tears of joy over his bible reading. He received Ashes, praise from adults around us, prayers from our pastor since he was the first child to be marked tonight, and awe and wonder during the praise service. I gave up foods prepared outside the home, meaning anything that I don't make, and Alex gave up video games. We came home and started reading his Children's Bible, Day one Creation. We washed our ashes off saying prayers over each other as we wiped them away, and he solemnly said Amen. We said prayers for Daddy and the dogs and all our other family. And then he asked if he could wear his Long Live Rock and Roll shirt to school tomorrow.

We are blessed.


MartyGentry 11:09 PM  


Yes, you are blessed.

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