Monday, January 29, 2007

Not one but TWO!

Alex has a pretty good pattern started of losing teeth in pairs. His first lost tooth was followed the very next day by his second, mostly we suspect because he wanted to bring it home in a little plastic tooth the school nurse gives them. The next two followed the same pattern. Yesterday he lost tooth #5 to a banana, yup it came out in the banana. Tooth #6 came out by way of Mommy right before bed, it was barely hanging on and I wanted to avoid the drama of a tooth swallowed in the middle of the night. So Ms. Toothfairy made a trip for two last night. Even though I avoided drama the night before, Alex was full of it this morning when he couldn't find the tooth fairies deposit. Luckily we found it inside his pillow case, looks like Ms. TF had a hard time getting it under there without waking up bugman. *grin*


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