Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some sort of rhyme and reason

It might not look like it but there is sense of order in that pile slide on my desk. I can see my swap gift from Celeste (three awesome bags of ribbons, buttons and blossoms), Stacey's super sweet snowflake gift pack with yummy bonuses, my 52 words of Me "I" card and a corner of my "U" card, the PI Jan kit, a LO in progress and cardstock waiting to be used or filed in scraps. Some sense of something, a Nicole something, just waiting to be sorted into mini piles and jars and places. Waiting for their home till they come visit my space again.

Unfortunately I can romanticize my messy scrap table but not the rest of my house. when I get thrown two big classes a day before having to teach each one, the state of my house falls to shambles. How is it possible that I don't have cabinets that are empty when everything looks to be out on the tables and counters. yet when I open those doors they looks just as full! Nasty trick of the household Goddess I say.

Now I am off to review VBA code when all I want to do is shuffle around my stuff.


Jillian Marie 11:12 PM  

Woot-woot for Celeste and the super awesome swap goods she arranged, and lucky you for being the recipient!! Have fun with it!!

Anonymous 12:16 PM  

Nicole, I am drooling over this hobby hideaway system. I want.... I bet you want too....
www.hobbyhideaway.com (Drooooooool, slurp!) Don't look at the price. ~Jessica Reynolds

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