Sunday, January 14, 2007

How I prepare for an Ice Storm

I prepared for the coming Ice Storm by making an Ice Cake!! Icy only because of the color I made the icing, and the wee bitty white dots I shook on top. Seriously though, it was from scratch and so yummy, especially the Icing which is the first recipe to make MORE then I needed and it was so incredibly yummy. Think marshmallow cream meets butter cream.

But before the Ice Cake I roasted a chicken with Nigella's basic recipe, made Oven Fries ala Nicole from Joie de Vivre, and mixed veggies and salad's with our favorite dressing, Marie's Poppy Seed ( Lisa introduced us to this dressing and we just found it again out here in SA).

So now our tummys are full with home made food, our feet are warm from the fire in the fireplace, and I am stealing upstairs to check the NOAA site as often as I can.


lisa 1:42 PM  

that chicken looks delicious. maybe you can post recipes too.... ;-)

gina 8:23 PM  

everything looks so yummy!!! *drooling* that cake is gorgeous! magazine cover material! way to go!

Negin 12:43 AM  

my mouth is watering looking at your pics. do you ever watch top chef? i was watching it today (they were showing all the repeats) and i immediately thought of u!

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