Monday, January 15, 2007

Guarding the Quilts

Three of the dozen quilts we have around our house, thanks to my mom. Star blanket is Alex's crib quilt from when he was a baby, the Christmas quilt is a special one my mom made Alex last year, and the bottom quilt is extra special since it is made up of pieces of all Alex's swaddling blankets that my mom made (see a trend here?) and chenille. Mister Snake is just extra protection from the cold.


gina 8:26 PM  

ooooooh I could use those blankets right now. it's so cold here in Cali!! It's currently 50 degrees, supposed to drop down to 29 overnight. *BBBRRRR*

staceyfike 8:58 PM  

i've got an extra special quilt put up that my g'ma made for me when i graduated hs. every block represents something from my childhood like girl scouts, my grade school, and my handprint...

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