Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Years New Ways

With a fresh start in 2007 right around the corner, I have been prepping by working on one major thing for me, a Budget. Yes, I Nicole, am all most done with a well balanced budget that reflects are spending habits (good and bad) and plan on sticking to it. We have some areas that need some major cut backs, and some areas that I need to get creative on, and some areas that I know I am forgetting about, but I am working on it, thinking about it, I even dreamt about it last night. I am even starting to think about how much it costs me to run certain appliances (our washer and dryer are consistent slaves), how much those yummy and loved foods we eat cost (especially Alex convenience foods, the horrors in mini packages), and what that dinner I fixed last night really cost to put on our table. There is just a lot of thinking going on here. Can you smell the smoke?


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