Saturday, December 30, 2006

Where are all the Hotwheels???

This is visual proof that we never ever ever need to buy Alex another toy car again. yes folks this is a 2.5' x 3' bin in his train table that is COMPLETELY full of cars. Oh My Excess God.

Help, we need a Hotwheels intervention.

Needless to say, I forced a purge and reorganization on Alex and his playroom yesterday. We ended up with five bags full of toys to donate and one very heavy bag of trash. And then I had the blissful moment of turning our Dyson on the room only to be horrified at the state of his carpets. Oh My Stained Carpet God. So between the purge and trash and Casey's genius movie and game Cd holder folder idea, his room is once again livable, clean, and sporting empty spaces. Hooray!! Unfortunately we took away Betty's main source of midnight snacks.


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