Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Boyles style

I finished my Christmas project just in time to hang up. It is made up of felt circles blanket stitched together with metallic thread. I love it!
Our trader Joe's gifty from Loren. Three big ole boxes of snack attack and dinner treats. We immediately started snacking and plan on making it part of our dinner tonight. And yes, there is one bottle of Charles Shaw, yummy!
Christmas Casey Man with his new slippers that had soles so he can wear them outside when he goes out to yell at the rat bastards on our street.
A sleepy Christmas Alex. Sweet boy had tons of fun this year and played all day with his toys before settling in with Lego Star Wars 2 for hours.
A blurry Christmas Sammie, my parents brought him over with them since all day is to long to have him crated up. He immediately found a ball and entertained himself dropping it down the stairs and then chasing it. Silly boy.

Merry Christmas!


staceyfike 5:56 PM  

"so he can wear them outside when he goes out to yell at the rat bastards on our street."
that cracked me up!!!

merry christmas!!!

gina 9:19 PM  

Wayne got slippers too! I bought him some really nice sheepskin ones, that he can wear outside too! He loves them. :o)
Looks like the Boyles' had a great xmas. Love you guys!

lisa 12:06 PM  

Merry Christmas! I want to be crafty with you! I got scrappy things for xmas- including some handmade paper. And I made those personalized calendar things you gave me for my aunts & mom! GREAT ideas!

Now I get to finish my shopping for yall in the next week or so! ;-)

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