Friday, December 15, 2006

Marked BY Bella

Lovely?! This nasty gash is the product of Bella, my dumb stupid head lab. This mornng while I was in the shower, I locked the dogs on the deck, you can never chance them getting out. Well during said shower the neighbor's dog up the street dug INTO our yard, causing our dogs to go Ape Shit. I heard them freaking out, and like a mother who knows the different cries of her child, I know their barks. So out of the shower quickly tossed some clothes on and right as I got out the door Bella leaped over the deck railings and chased the dog through the hole he dug into our yard. Rat Bastard. So over the railing I went, into the greenbelt and I found Bella in another neighbors yard, how she got there I don't know. This lovely gash was a product me of hauling our dumb head Bella over the fence, did I mention she is a 60 pound dog? She snagged me with her Dew Claws as she fell over, damn it hurt, hurt HURT!! So after refilling the hole, blocking it with stones from the creekbed, and climbing back into our yard I gave Bella a big old stern talking too, but was secretly amazed at how NASTY she was to that other dog. I know she hurt him because she attacked like I have never seen before. Even Twain should be proud of her. So now I have to go to Home Depot and get a couple bags of quick cement to throw into the hole. OH joy oh Joy. Oh damn my arm hurts. Shoulder to elbow. the Hydrogen perioxide was painful and I used 12 cotton balls. Craptastic is the word for my day so far. And I still have to go chew our neighbor out for being so lax with their damn dogs.


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