Monday, December 18, 2006

Your closet run over... and over... and over

Previously, during one of my Mommy Dearest moments in the summer, I made Alex bag up all the random Hot wheels sets and tracks and get-ups that were scattered all over his playroom. I am seriously starting to re-think the need for a playroom, it should just be called a pit-room. Anyways, so into big black garbage bags these all went and during the following months the only thing to come out of those garbage bags was the Pirate sets and ships. Since the summer, these bags have sat quietly and blessedly ignored in a corner of Alex's closet.

Fast forward to tonight, in an effort to have Alex aware of household chores and his place in them, I had him take up and put away his clean clothes that I had folded downstairs. Pants, no problem. Underwear and socks, no problem. Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, long long long bouts of silence. Seriously folks the pile of hang up clothes was a foot tall, if not two feet. And I was making him use his step stool to get hangers and hang up the now clean clothes. Everything seemed to be moving along fine, albeit slower then i would accomplish it, but it was getting done. Or so I thought.

* Insert stupid stupid mommy comment here* Come on you know you want to snicker at my soon to be discovered misfortune.

Fast forward to me walking into his closet tonight to find SEVEN pieces of clothing hanging up and all the others piled on his closet floor among hangers and now opened and dumped out bags of previously bagged up sets, tracks and toys.

Fast forward to me, mentally losing it. Me with the devil on my shoulder jumping up and down fanning the flames coming out of my ears and burning the lovely sweet angel on my other shoulder to a nice Char. Oh My Goodness, this kid has NO idea. No IDEA.

Presently, all toys are bagged up and in the hallway for him to help me pile into the car so I can take them to Goodwill tomorrow.

Presently, Alex is HANGING all clothes up and checking the tags to make sure no 4's go up. If 4's are found they go into the nice organized bag I had previously had on the closet floor to give to my moms neighbor with five kids.

Presently, Mommy is ready to open a bottle of wine.

The End.


lisa 12:12 AM  

yay mommy!!!

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