Friday, December 01, 2006

Because it made his Day

Last night Alex and I put up our Christmas tree bit by bit, depending on each page of Homework he completed. He had fallen behind in his weekly homework packet, so I told him that we would decorate a section after each completed page. All that is left is the Christmas dishes ( but I am having a very hard time finding cabinet space for them) the Holiday table linens, some random decorations, the tree train and one small aside table to be "dressed". It does feel great to have up all the ornaments, the bulk of any years decorations.

For the next 25 days, I am going to have an Advent of Ornaments, here is todays oranement:

#1 Winter Angel

This has been my favorite Christmas ornaments since EVER! Every year when my mom would unwrap her 100's (and I am not kidding about that number) of ornaments, my angel would be the one that I looked for eagerly. I tried to make her the first one on the tree and off the tree each year. She is very beat up, her slippers are slowly shredding into nothingness, but she has a fluff from one of our flocked tree still on her head. I think that was the last flocked tree we had in 1989. Every year I make sure that bit of flocking is still there, lightly pushing the spongy feel of it back into her hair between her sliver halo. I love my winter angel.

Some of you were wondering what Betty does all day long, here she is in her naptime bed glory of an Alex blanket. He leaves little beds for her all over the house of his favorite blankets and random towels. She loves them of course.


staceyfike 3:42 PM  

what a sweet ornament
i haven't got the big box out yet
but i posted one from my studio tree

lisa 7:38 PM  

that ornament reminds me of your future daughter. i know that sounds freaky. maybe it's a connection to something else.

Jillian Marie 9:10 PM  

Hi Nicole! I loved that your ornament has such a sweet story (...did I mention I am quite sentimental?) Your little angel is adorable, and it's wonderful the happiness and memories she has given you throught the years! Happy Friday-Jillian

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