Saturday, December 02, 2006

Advent Ornament #2

This ornament is my second favorite ornament because of the Casey story behind it. One year about a week before Christmas Casey had a job up in Anahiem CA. He drove up for the day and instead of coming home right away and battling the crazy traffic, he went to Down Town Disney to do some Christmas shopping.

I asked him if he could stop by Dept. 56 and pick up the Orange Sequined ball ornament that we were looking at the weekend before. When he arrived there he couldn't remember which one it was exactly so he bought ALL the orange ball oranaments he could find. I will never forget him walking in the door looking like Santa with dozens of bags hanging off of him. He had gone to the Lego store and bought gifts for all his nephews, neices and Alex. He had bought me gifts at Illuminations, Dept 56, the glass store, AND he brought me home Beginets. My sweet Santa Husband made this ornament my favorite because of his huge generiousity. It is so big and heavy that we always have to hang it at the top of the tree looped on a big thick branch.


amberskolnick 1:47 PM  

i love your ornament and your husband sounds like a keeper :o)

staceyfike 3:42 PM  

that's a fab story, you should scrap it!!!
love the ornie too, i have a smaller version in teal blue

Jillian Marie 9:06 PM  

Loved the story! And your hubby sounds awesome, very sweet. Happy day,

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