Thursday, November 30, 2006

BlogJolt: A Readable Feast

Alex is a February baby, which means that he was close to be 1 years old on his first Christmas. Mostly that explains why we had our Christmas tree on the coffee table that year. But it also meant that we got to explore the huge world of Baby Christmas books that are out there.

Ann-Marie, at A Readable Feast, put together an awesome list of baby holiday books. Check them out, Holiday Baby Reads, I know a couple friends with new babies or babies on the way, so check out her list for a great book for your kiddo.

Alex's favorite was a cloth book about decorating a Christmas tree. The ornaments all attached with buttons and snaps, and if I remember right the decorated tree could be removed and displayed as a sort of advent. Loved that book, but it has sadly gone the way of the Do-Do.

This year we are reading, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It always makes me so sad to see Who-ville stripped bare and empty.

So what are your favorite Holiday reads?


katiebird 6:29 AM  

Favorite holiday reads?

Good question -- I've never read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", at least not to read it. I've probably read bits and pieces and I've heard it read, of course, on TV.

How funny -- I love Christmas movies and rewatch them all the time.

And I love Christmas books (when I can find them) but I don't have a particular story that I reread all the time in the same "must do" way.

And that's REALLY weird, because I reread my favorite books ALL the TIME.

I would say that for kids two stories get told around our house again and again, the story of Joseph & Mary & the baby Jesus (sometimes acted out with the Nativity Scene) and "The night before Christmas"

Also, we love the movie, "A Christmas Story" and watch it often.

But I know I've blanked-out some VERY obvious books.

Thank you so much for getting me started with this question. I'm going to be thinking about it all day.

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