Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Small Purge, Big Picture

I have offically become a middle of the day coffee drinker, Ilove to reheat it add some cream and just enjoy especially after noon. Bliss.Scary messy dresser that is harboring loads and loads of junk and old clothes. Two drawers don't shut, and the top to drawers are full of junk. Don't even get me started on the top.
An hour and a half later, I have systematically gone from top to bottom and purged, cleaned, tossed, and put in a garage sale box. I washed all my makeup brushes, dusted all the do-dads, and cleaned out my jewelry box. I purged all the stretched out hair ties and added my coin piggy for the randon pocket change that ends up somewhere in there. I fix the non0shutting drawers and have one drawer entirely empty waiting for tanks, and another that holds only my wedding veil. Hooray! Notice that garage bag in front of it, that is full of trash from the dresser. Oh. My. God. I think I am going to shop around for a larger mirror to go over it. Maybe Target.
Sleeping Carpet Muffin, sorry have to have a crass joke in here somewhere.
Casey's day today, nasal crack, Freebreeze, and IPA. Sweet.


lisa 1:07 AM  

i am totally digging
-dresser pickup
-large mirrors

lisa 11:21 AM  

this was such a beautiful picture of you by the way

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