Monday, November 20, 2006

Hello clean

Cleaning went successfully well, so many bags of trash went out to the curb and I know we will have double that on Thursday. So now that things are clean, we are able to do some purging. I want to start with our bedroom tomorrow, closet and dressers. My dresser has so much junk it, things I am not even aware of any more. So into a big pile will go clothes that can no longer be worn, off to the Salvation Army they will go.

One of the things I love about having a big house is that I can see our baseboards. We have always lived in places that were packed to the rafters with stuff, literally every inch of wall space would be taken up with furniture or something. Moving into this house meant loads of space, especially in our bedroom which is a strict no TV zone. But I find myself anxious every time the floor is clean in our bedroom, meaning all the laundry is picked up and put away. So I am thinking we need to start looking into a loveseat and small table to have up there, a reading space. We both love to curl up with books and snuggle down, what better place then our bedroom.

We have also unofficially stated that the front room will become an exercise room. Right now it has our two hutches which I want to move into our dinning nook, and some random chairs. And it is only ever "used" during Christmas time. With this solution we can get the Elliptical out of the dinning nook and the hutches in, maybe I will remember all the great serving ware and china and crystal I have that way. Ultimately I would love for the entire downstairs to be tiled or laminate flooring. We have way to many critters that track in dirt for carpet. Looks like we might have found a source for either one through a friend of a friend. Hmmmmm, plans and more plans.

I pulled out the Christmas decorations today. I have started one box at a time, mostly focusing on the mantel, which is my favorite part of our Christmas decorations besides the tree. I love our mantel at Christmas time. I was feeling like I was missing some things, and what do you know, I have 4 boxes up here in my craft room. Holy cow, how could I miss all that stuff! LOL! I am in a small mission to find out if I have any leftover Christmas cards or do I need to buy some. I usually buy next years cards right after Christmas, but I have a funny feeling that I forgot to do that last year.

Now I am off to digging in those boxes and enjoy the cappuccino that Casey made me. yum


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