Sunday, November 19, 2006

November Listed

  1. I have a pile of Scrap projects to finish, so much to mess with.
  2. Casey and I are going to spend the next week cleaning and purging our house from top to bottom. I promise to post the gory picture details, you remember my last couple messes right?
  3. I made taco cups tonight for dinner, one of the meals I enjoy every step of the process, from the dicing, the baking, the cooking, the serving, the topping, the enjoying, and the lovely leftovers.
  4. Today was a loose and casual day at Sea World. We had zero agenda, no time frame, and no camera. It was glorious being free from any constraints. With the Hospitality brew of Pumpkin Spice Ale and a new Stone Mill Pale organiz Ale, usually was just a wee bit better.
  5. We talked my mom into a turkey for thanksgiving, huzzah!
  6. I know that I have a couple readers, but ya'll never comment, Come on, I dare you!
  7. I am getting excited about the new beginning of a new year. January 1st holds a very special feeling.
  8. Casey and I have been talking Christmas gifts, we have to really plan out our shopping agenda due to his upcoming travel schedule. Santa in our house this year is going to be busy up to Christmas Eve, unlike last years Black Friday Santa.
  9. I have been entertaining myself at night while trying to fall asleep by remodeling my kitchen in my mind, I think i ahve even figured out a way to open up the corner with the fridge and eliminate the weird shallow hall closet, but tucking the fridge into the back of it fromt he side wall and opening it up into exposed hall shelving. I can see my cookbooks there.
  10. Betty really needs to be groomed.


lisa 10:29 PM  

must have info on taco cups

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