Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BlogJolt: ReCycle, ReThink, ReUse

Today started off wet and gloomy outside. I was in need of a quick satisfying craft project. I discovered a melty goodness project at Bebestages . Not much can beat taking something that is a bounty of excess, melting it down, and making something newly fun to use. Alex's teacher loved the idea so much, she turned it into a mini science project for the class. This also totally fit into my garage sale plan, if I don't use it, won't use it, then I toss it. But in this case I got to convert it into something newly usable and fun for Alex. Check out the above link to see Bebe's steps, my process in pictures is below.

First: You get the joy of making your fingers and nails smell like a crayon box. A new box of crayons is one of my Mom's favorite smells.

Second: You get to sort them out into color stories. Here are ours in order: Autumn, Easter, Grass, Pumpkin, Sunshine, Ocean, Vineyard, Valentine, Candy, Rainbow, Stone, and Coal.

Third: They melt into swirls of color.

Fourth: After they cool you get muffinettes of color fun!


Angel 5:44 PM  

How COOL is that, I was looking around her site, and totally missed it, I will remember this in the fututre! Just this past weekend my daughter took her crayons on a road trip,left them in the car, and every one of her new cinderella crayons melted! :( But I am sure to have broken crayons again.

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