Monday, October 09, 2006

Cotton Candy People

I must have been in middle school when I read a story about a boy who discovers his neighbors are made out of Cotton Candy. They watch the weather like hawks and their sinks were always spotless. He discovers that they will melt if a single drop of water touchs them. They were fragile.

My mom had to go to the hospital today, I didn't find out until hours afterwards and only by calling my mom on her cell with my typical "where are you at?". Dad gave me the run down and I slowly welled up. I waited till Casey was back from his walk and then I cried. My mom is home tonight, but they still don't know what is wrong with her, they have an idea, but nothing confirmed.

Alex and I had gone to their house to let Sammie out, while they wore each other out, I cleaned up and worried. Later once the evening had settled (there was a trip to Costco, a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, calls to Casey, and clean up) I talked to my mom. She worried me. And made me think of Cotton Candy people.


lisa 9:35 PM  

hey call me if you need anything. i want your mom to be okay.

Negin 12:23 AM  

sweetheart i am here if you need to talk. let me know if there is anything i can do. *hugs*

Anonymous 12:54 PM  

Call us sweetie Mom and I are worried about Sandy too. I told Mom to give you a call tonight!

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