Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sick bed...

I have been really sick these past 13 days. I have done nothing more than lay in bed or on the couch in a Nyquil coma. Full blown flu and then laryngitis to add insult to injury. Casey and Alex have been holding down the fort, managing the day to day, meals, dogs, and the sicky.

But as of yesterday I am feeling on the mend. I was able to get up, do some laundry, shower because I wanted to be clean not because I wanted heat and steam, eat more than one meal, and actually skipped a medicine dose! Today is even better, I fell into the morning routine before I even realized what I was doing. The paper was retrieved from the lawn, the coffee was perking, the dogs were out and running around, and Casey wasn't even down stairs yet!

It feels fabulous to be inching closer to a healthy me. And I dropped about 10 pounds during this flu , bonus!


Lisa 1:45 AM  

goodness!!! My poor friend. You've been super hit with physical nastiness. I am glad you're feeling up and up. isn't that sudden transition weird when suddenly you go from being 0% productive to 30%? And it feels HUGE!!!!!! And so good. Take care of yourself & get fully better.

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