Monday, January 17, 2011

111 in 1/2011 Catch up

Finally after close to two weeks sick I am able to post an update to the 111 items in January 2011 challenge. I immediately dove into my office closet, which is probably the worst offender on my goal list. I pulled everything out and took down the folding table that was really just giving me more space to junk up. I still want to sort through this closet, but the bulk of the purge is done. Now I just need to organize and shift through the small piles for more donation items.

Estimation of items Donated : 40

Estimation of items trashed: 100

The bookcase is looking a bit better, there is actually space on it now. I removed all my yarn except for two bins of in progress projects. The more I look at my books the more I want to purge, so I know this bookcase will get another sort through in the final week!

This week I will tackle the pantry and finish up the Master Closet!


Lisa 12:17 AM  

puuuuuuurge! extreme makeover!

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst 7:05 AM  

Very nice! I am glad I wasn't there to help though, I totally would have taken all your crafty stuff home, thereby negating all my hard work! :-) Thanks for linking up, see you this week!

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