Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Imagine this.

You are standing feet firmly planted on the ground. Your toes slightly spread, flexing into the curve of the earth. Your chin rises just above the horizon, your eyelashes sweep to rest on your cheeks, your mouth lifts into a smile, a mirror of the earth's curve that you are resting on. You drop your shoulders back like there is a string guiding your wings down towards your spine, opening your chest, helping your ribs to rise with each breath. You feel golden, sun kissed by the rays of a setting. Aware of each sweep and tingle and smoothing. You are you.

That is how I feel today, empowered. it is delightful.


Lisa 1:00 AM  

whoa! how? =D

This sounds like what I try to accomplish during yoga hehe

Nicole (at) Barefoot + Smitten 2:21 PM  

I love this. Thanks for sharing. :)

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