Thursday, August 19, 2010

If only I COULD be a dirty veggie Hippie...

I have a serious love for what my husband fondly calls Hippie music. To be honest, it probably is modern hippie music. I then daydream that I am a Modern Suburban Hippie (an Oxymoron if i ever wrote one). But alas there are too many things about me that disqualify me for Hippiedom.

*I am too chubby to be a Hippie, well really I could be that one chubby dirty hippie with dreads, but isn't he usually a guy?

* I love to GROW vegetables, but even I like bacon way to much.

* I am not against the idea of dreads, in fact I could probably rock it, but I really like to BRUSH my hair. And I really like showers. With Soap. And Shampoo.

* Ummm, Being a Texas republican probably disqualifies me too. Could I start a NEW type of Hippie? RepHippie?

* I couldn't do the no shaving thing, cause when the hair on your legs is long enough to blow in the breeze then it's time to bust out a razor.

Come to think of it, maybe I just like the hairy looking brilliant indie Musicians?


Sarah 8:48 PM  

I am in love with Andrew Bird and Bon Iver! Love, love, love. Have you heard of Hank Dogs? They're pretty cool.

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