Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cause you still have to eat!

Earlier this summer a friend loaned me every single Jen Lancaster book on the market. I kinda let them sit on a shelf for a little while because I was finishing up Eat Pray Love and ummm, something else that I have all ready forgotten about. But in need of reading material the other day, cause I was going to be sitting by the pool watching boys be crazy in the water, I picked JL's Such a Pretty Fat out of the stack at random.

I was actually finding myself agreeing with the author's personal weight/diet struggles right away, and any one who can say her dog likes tossed salad and writes with footnotes is sure to be a fun read. Slowly through the course of the story I found myself agreeing with her love of food, seriously cheesey chips with guacamole and jack's salsa is heaven sent, and then found myself agreeing with her slow decline into self pity over her weight. And then you get to the point where she jumps on every diet bandwagon and I kept on nodding my head in agreement, because I HAVE BEEN THERE.

And then I lost her...

Because she started talking about her workouts and how her shoulders are now squared off and she has "strongs!". And I couldn't relate.

Now, hold the brakes for a second, I am not seeking pity for my belly fat, just saying that I could no longer relate... BUT she had an epiphany in her story about a day after I had my own personal health epiphany.

And I have found myself easily making healthier choices, easily able to resist the candy box raids, easily willing to eat Fiber (which still is kinda evil) because of this epiphany and the results that I know I will get if I change things (and I REALLY want those results). And then I thought this tonight as I made dinner.

"Just because I want to lose weight and be overall in better health, doesn't mean I have to torture myself with dieting. Cause I still HAVE to eat! Hello, food is a good thing cause it keeps me ALIVE! (duh!) But I can at least eat GOOD tasting healthy food in smaller sizes. And that my friends is not torture."

Someone remind me of this inspired thought next week when I want to blow through a can of Pizza Pringles.


Courtney 6:17 PM  

Some of those books had me laughing out loud. Like when she said that eventually she was going to find that napkin wrapped raisinette in her purse and think it was mouse crap, that could totally happen to me!

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