Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25 different directions

School is completely back in session for both Alex and I. Which means that life is out of our lovely summer mode and is now broken into daily and hourly schedules with lists all over the place. I have night classes this semester because I wanted to open up my days for more work so two times a week our normal schedule is all wonky and Casey is in full Dad mode. On Mon/Weds he takes Alex to tae kwon do, makes sure all home work is done, feeds everyone (leaving a plate for me, so sweet), makes sure evening chores are complete, gets Alex into the shower and in bed by the time I get home. Now he regularly does this when my classes weren't at night, but I am usually around to do most of it. Add to this schedule work and business meetings and the possibility of Casey traveling out of town and we have a highly organized week. On those occasions when Casey is traveling my mom is stepping in to take over for him on the two nights I am at school. Thank goodness for Grandmothers!

Alex is having a great time in 5th grade so far, loves his teacher and the kids in his class are great. We all have a great feeling about this year. That makes me really happy.

The four classes I am taking this semester are going to kick my ass! I have English Comp II and Fitness& Wellness online , neither one is really a big brain buster but both have LOTS of work. It's my night classes that will kill me slowly, first up is Accounting 1 ( yes I know a lot of this all ready, but the online quizzing/testing is very very detailed) and then Macroeconomics (still to early to decide how I feel about this one, I do have a crazy instructor though). I know it will get harder for me once the time changes and my classes are in the dark, I hate not being home at night so this will be an adjustment. Wish me luck!


Lisa 12:34 AM  

Another semester, another set of challenges, another list of variables to try and figure out! Macro econ & accounting classes ick! ;-) You'll do great!!!! I am so happy to hear of the good vibes from Alex. I have gotten notes from parents in the last 2 years that made me realize how important this is to their comfort level. <3 His 5th grade teacher is so lucky! I am jealous!

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