Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly favorites

  • It's Sunday and the menfolk went out and rustled up some donuts, yummy.
  • I am going to go see Eclipse with a friend today, yeah a guilty pleasure, but I bet the True Blood episode will be better than the movie. She cancelled and it doesn't surprise me, but did disappoint. :( At least I have True Blood Tonight!
  • Texas has realized that it is summer and therefore has turned up the heat and humidity.
  • My garden has decided that we will not be getting any green beans this year regardless of all the hard work I put into them.
  • My garden has decided that it will bless us with 20+ watermelons though. Go figure.
  • The pool is BLUE not even a hint of green. Super happy about that.
  • I am redesigning some things on the blog, expect a mess and hiccups for a couple weeks.
  • Only 2 weeks left in summer session, YAY!


Sarah 6:42 PM  

I planted a garden a few years ago. Over three days, a squirrel and a few deer had managed to raid it of all the seeds. I didn't even have a week to try and kill anything myself.

And hooray for True Blood! I was thinking about it today at work.

Lisa 11:19 PM  

I wish I was watching True Blood with you. =)

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