Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Medusa Mermaid

Shoulders tense, not able to make them relax or unknot, I decided that my only hope was to float. First impression, the water was cool, perfect for such a hot day. I fell back, slid into liquid and suspended my body on the pools miniscus. I hung there between water and sky for thousands of heart beats, listening to my breath, my heart, my blood thrumming. My hair fanned out in inky directions in the water, turning me into a Medusa Mermaid. My eyes tracked the sky that changed as the current directed me. First trees, noticing the deadwood. Next clouds, noticing the thunder scapes. Then sunset, noticing the God rays and shadows.  My vision was a prayer and I floated weightless, directionless, relaxing.


Lisa 12:48 AM  

relaxing just to read

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