Monday, May 17, 2010

Non-Toxic for us!

Back in February we made a choice for our family that was hard and long needed. We decided that the best thing for our family would be to drop out of Cub scouts. We had been part of the same pack for four years, I was a leader for four years, I was a committee member for four years, we only had 9 months to go before Alex would have earned the highest honor in Cub scouts, the Arrow of Light.


In our den there were three boys who bullied Alex every single day. I had talked to their parents multiple times about it, but they ignored the problem. These boys would bully my own kid right in front of me while I was trying to led a den meeting. Screw that! I was wasting my time trying to help and teach kids who treated my kid like crap, I don't think so! I also was running the entire den solo since none of my parents would step up to the plate to help me. Which means that I was planning and tracking achievements for 12 boys every single week. And paying for them many times too.

The pack leaders were also problems, one of the bullying kids was theirs, I still think they were doing something shifty with the pack funds. Things never added up.

So in February, we quit. No notice. No pleasantries. Just quit. I literally boxed up all the Cub Scout crap I had, which was a car load, and dumped it off at the den leaders house. It felt GREAT!!

It was so freeing to finally have our Thursday nights back. We were able to put Alex back into Tae Kwon Do full time. Most important, the bullying completely stopped because we weren't around those ass hats. We haven't missed Cub Scouts at all.

Fast forward to today, I went into Alex's school to drop off his forgotten hat and water for field day. The wife of the pack leader and mother to one of the bullies works in the front office. She was abrupt and rude. I just walked away thinking that I am so glad my family isn't around that TOXIC bull crap anymore.

I went home happy, she got to stay there being a bitch. Sounds like a fair exchange to me. :)


Seriously? 12:24 PM  

More power to you! My family went through a similar situation in a Home-school Cooperative. It is a great feeling to know you've done right by your child and your family. Funny thing; I use the same word to describe that situation, TOXIC! Also, there were definitely (not provable) accounting discrepancies. Funny how all bullies, and bullying families for that matter, have the same core traits: lying, cheating, stealing, arrogance, cowardice, etc. Sound familiar?

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