Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crossing things off

I have been chipping away at my Mega to-do list and avoiding the biggest task on that list at the same time, the dreaded painting job. Today I woke up, after a very late night with friends, with a huge headache (I can't imagine why! *grin*). I decided that I had to get Alex's curtains hemmed today of all days. A half hour later they were rehung about a foot shorter then they started out being and now have tie backs to let in some light. Please excuse the bad picture quality, I had to lighten the original shot a fair amount to be able to actually see the curtains. Alex told me that he likes that the curtains make his bedroom feel like a hotel.

I spent some time in the backyard yesterday raking up old leaves to use in my new compost bin and taking care of some garden maintenance. I transplanted the strawberries to a new bed, freeing up the tall bed for watermelons! I planted zucchini and eggplants around the corn to help shade the corn roots. Added two more rows of green beans, one a bush variety the other climbing. All most every square inch of our garden space is well used. Once the beans get bigger I will plant lettuce between those rows to take advantage of the shade and help keep water in the soil. I love Companion planting! I would still love to build more beds, maybe later in the summer for some Autumn harvests.

That makes two more things crossed off my Mega Monthly goal list. I am seriously thinking about tackling the ceiling painting tomorrow. It is the worst part of the whole list. I only have so many days left in my month off. Might as well get it done!


Sarah 12:02 AM  

Wahoo!! Great looking garden - I wish I had some decent boxes (and the room) to get fresh veggies going!

Word verification: imenerf. When I saw this, I thought, "I'm a nerf? Wha??"

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