Sunday, May 30, 2010

In which I make dirt!

For Mother's Day the guys got me something that just makes my heart sing, a Composter!! That big ugly lovely eye sore of a box is my new favorite thing! My composter holds all our organic waste, things like kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, dog hair, toilet paper rolls, old leaves, and garden trimmings and turns it into lovely rich dirt!! We have a bowl that sits out on our counter now, and all veggie kitchen scraps go in there to be taken out to the composter. It isn't the prettiest looking tool, so we have placed it behind our shed right next to the massive electrical box that our shed hides. It is very close to my garden space and really not that far away!
Love this thing! It makes me that much more of a garden loving hippie!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards 11:12 AM  

Oooo... great gift. And, I don't think it's ugly, but this is coming from a girl with a huge ugly compost pile and a rubbermaid tote worm bin.

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