Saturday, May 29, 2010

Frogs and a list

A teeny tiny frog in Alex's hand, they are all over the place right now.

  • This last week has had a boatload of drama dealing with Alex's school. We all hate it.
  • The drama that is.
  • I have been sick for a couple days, sleeping like the dead. 16 hours throughout yesterday, slept till 10am today.
  • I can't even get into a horizontal position or else I will sleep.
  • Ugh
  • Alex has three days of school left.
  • I have 10 days till Summer Session starts for me.
  • Work: slowly increasing.
  • The pool is fluctuating between blue and green, the heat has such a huge impact.
  • The garden is flourishing! Have a week or two before I can harvest our first tomatoes! They are huge!
  • I downloaded a ton of Podcasts, business and history and grammar and This American Life, it is all good.
  • Casey is home, working local right now, glad to have him here every day!
  • If I am feeling better tomorrow I might actually PAINT the ceiling. Snort, we will see. :)


Lisa 2:21 PM  

only three more days! And hopefully the drama will be over. I have to remember to get that stuff I promised...

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