Thursday, May 06, 2010

April Goals: let's review!

April, sweet sweet April, it's been over for all most a week, but Finals were my priority. Now that Spring semester is done, let's review how I did on my simple goals for April!

Home: Paint the Ceiling and Walls LOL, NOPE!
Organize: Office Closet Nope!
School: Focus, 4 weeks left Success!! yay for school being done!
Food: Double the Veg Oh yay baby, veg and fruit intake has sky rocketed in our house.
Family: More than couch time. Yuppers! Between the garden and TKD we are spending less and less time in front of the idiot box and more time together.
Health: 30 minutes Ummm, next!
Spiritual: Study and Reflect Picked up a new Joyce Meyer book for a song, and LOVE it and where it is taking me on my path.
Sanity: Massage and Facial BOOKED for Tuesday, so ready for three hours of pampering.

Plenty of room for improvement, with a month off I KNOW I can knock out some of the more challenging tasks. :)


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