Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I turned 33! And instead of a traditional celebration it looks like my best friend is going to have her baby today, so I get to be a birth coach and see a fabulous event. So excited!

We spent most of the night at the hospital and they finally sent us home because they were so full and she wasn't making enough progress. Fast forward to this morning, contractions are still hard and heavy, feet swelling has doubled (she was all ready REALLY swollen), and she has a headache from hell. SOOOOOoooo I am heading up to the hospital with her again for her doctors appointment and most likely she will be admitted today!

Her husband is stationed hours away and unfortunately is in the field right now, so we are hoping and praying for enough time between admittance and delivery for him to make it home and to the hospital.

Can't wait for this baby! It looks like I will never have another baby, so going through all this with my best friend is a suitable substitute, all the joy and none of the pain. :) Today is going to be a GREAT day. More to come later. :)


Lisa 12:19 AM  

happy birth day.


Courtney 7:54 PM  

Happy Birthday! New babies are so exciting.

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