Friday, April 09, 2010

Beware MEGA Organization Forthcoming

This entire post is going to give you a panic attack if you don't like clutter, mess, piles, or LOTS of stuff. You have been fore warned. :)
One of the things that I wanted to tackle in my April goals was organizing my office closet. When Alex and I swapped rooms around the holidays I was more focused on making his room presentable not to mention live-able so everything that moved to my office pretty much was just piled and stacked up. The closet was a wasteland that I only entered if it was absolutely necessary.

This lovely little corner use to be five times worse. This table held all my scrap booking stuff that I sold a couple weekends ago. I filled my entire car with stuff so you can imagine how much more was stacked there. Steve the hedgie has been hanging out on this table, just because I have no room on the floor. You can also see proof that I have commandeered all laundry baskets to act as storage baskets.

Turning to you right you would see this messy pile of stuff all most completely blocking my bookcases, there are a couple blankets for the dogs to lay on and Alex's old TV waiting for a listing on Craig's list.

Here is where all the magic happens, my desk! It is messy and full because I don't spend much time here organizing because I am busy plowing through the final four weeks of school. I have big plans for this area.

And now I bless with you a floor shot of the closet pit, ummm that pile is about 2-3 feet tall. No Joke, I have a lot of stuff.
Which brings me to my mental conversation I had with myself as I purged and organized and tried to place like with like... I have come to the conclusion that I am not a Hoarder, I can get rid of things, I don't have to mull each item over to decide if I want to part with it. BUT after I do let it go, I think about those items, specifically, and wish that I had some of it back. That longing alone was enough to scare me into ruthlessness when it came to purging and throwing stuff away. I need to get to the point where minimal is perfect, not empty.
I want each item in my home to have a purpose, a need, be functioning, be beautiful, and kept because it meets a need. Not because we just happen to have it. Ruthlessness I say!

An hour and a half later I have a clean floor in front my bookcases...

The table is gone and I have brought out my yarns and project bags and moved my work bookcase over to the empty wall. yes, there is still major organizing to do, but everything is at least not blocked and stored with it's partners, so I can chunk it all out in small bites over the rest of the month, instead of in one nightmare day.

My desk is a wee bit better, at least the garbage bag underneath it is gone, it had been sitting there since the room swap, MONTHS!

And now for your semi viewing pleasure, the closet. I muscled in the banquet table where things are grouped together and will easily be able to be sorted through one basket/box at a time. I also rearranged the shelves and will pare it all down to a simple system of neat storage instead of the hodgepodge of random storage solutions.
Beware, more organizing is to come through the rest of the month, but in small batches that will hopefully garner huge results.
I am pleased!


Sarah 6:02 PM  

Hooray for organization!! Very nice. I need to finish my room. Uggh.

sunny 2:13 AM  

What a transformation. GREAT job! That must have taken a lot of hard work.

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