Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tonsil Post #4: The Night Before

Alex is chillin' in the tub right now, enjoying warm water, bubbles and forced relaxation. Once he has a good soak I am going to rub down his body with an awesome Lavender Lotion bar to hopefully help him fall asleep faster tonight. We are up early tomorrow morning, 5am for me, 5:30 am for him. We need to be out the door by 6am to get to the surgery center on time.

Last night's adventures should help us both fall asleep quickly tonight. Sharon started having contracts last night, so my mom came and took Alex to her place and Sharon and I spent an evening in the observation clinic at her hospital. She is having contracts, but no dilation or active labor. I just know she is going to have her baby when I can't be there for her. I think I finally got in bed and fell asleep around 1am.

I was up super early to get Archie groomed and pick up Alex for a dentist appointment. We got all the way to the dentist's office when we found out through the receptionist that all of Alex's dental benefits have been used up for this year, so how would I like to pay?? Ummmm, I wouldn't?! Once Alex's surgery is out of the way I will do mortal combat with the insurance company to get his checkup and teeth cleaning covered, *sigh*

I have been nervous all day so I have been cleaning, everything! I even swiffered the walls in our bedroom. LOL. Alex has been nervous too so I distracted him with one of the Lego sets Casey bought for him after his recovery. I figure that he is going to be super out of it for a couple days so Lego building won't be a high priority, why not enjoy a small set now?

Plans for the rest of the night before prep are to pack a small bag for him with a change of clothes, Star Blankie (an old woobie), and Mrs. Fish who he got at Children's Hospital last week when they drew his blood for labs. Yeah, he is ten, but I am not going to take away comfort items when he is nervous and a little scared. We will give Casey a call soon, say night nights, maybe read over the book his ENT gave us to explain the surgery again, and hopefully get some decent sleep.


Okay, I am TOTALLY nervous about the 30 minutes he is going to be in surgery. I am afraid that I will break down during that time since I will have nothing to distract me. I did the same thing when he was a baby and was circumcised at the hospital, I SWEAR I could hear him crying down the hall. I am nervous and trying so hard to not show Alex how I am feeling. I talked briefly with Casey a little bit ago, but he was driving back to the hotel after his class, and I was on the verge of tears, I couldn't even talk about being nervous without choking up. Did the same thing when my MIL called to wish Alex luck. Bless her heart she asked me how I was doing and I could barely squeak out that I am okay and it will all be okay. Damn hormonal Mommy nerves.

Please pray for Alex's surgery to go smoothly and his recovery to be swift. And pray for me to have plugs for my tear ducts, I have to stay strong, no water works. Well, maybe tonight while I am in the shower I will let them out.

It will all be okay. :)


Sarah 11:09 PM  

Sweetie, I'm there with you, even if it's in spirit.

Lisa 10:00 PM  

I love you guys. Will Alex be able to talk afterwards?

Lisa 4:30 PM  

ALEX: YOU ROCK! Heard you're taking it like a champ! PS- don't forget to work it...The Legos and Slushies are a GOOD START! ;-)

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