Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tonsil Post #3: 48 hours till surgery

Everyone has been spoiling Alex, I guess it is hard not too. We are all nervous about Thursday. We are all a little worried. We all know it will be okay, but it is still hard to go through any surgery as a family.

Casey, unfortunately is on a business trip this week. We have had it booked since Christmas and it is for a very old client of ours, which means that we didn't want to cancel it. So Thursday, I will be sending him text messages and emails all day long. Yes, Casey would be here if this surgery was a major surgery, but everyone (doctors, nurses, friends and family) have all said that this is a minor surgery even though there is general anesthesia involved. Even the horrors stories from the Internet say that surgery was a piece of cake, its the recovery that is a bitch. Casey comes home on Saturday and will be here to help us through the bulk of the recovery. So all is well.

Alex has been battling a minor cold or infection all week. His fever is gone, but he complains of a headache, sore throat and stomach ache. His doctor says no worries, we will go through with the surgery on Thursday unless his fever is over 102. I can't wait for all these minor colds and infections to go away once his tonsil are out. We are all hoping it is the magic fix for Alex.

My Mom came and dropped off a new DS game for Alex, to spoil him of course. We have multiple Lego sets stashed in the closet for easy play during recovery. I love on him whenever I can.

I try not to let myself think about it too much, I had to make myself stop thinking about the time I will be alone at the surgical center, during surgery, and the small panic I started to feel about that half hour. *sigh*

Tonight Alex and I are cleaning machines! We are super cleaning the house so we can enjoy our Wednesday, and not have to worry about small messes or vacuuming on Thursday or the days after. Cleaning is also what I do when I have something worrying on my mind, it helps to distract my nerves and focus my thoughts.

Damn... I am totally just rambling. More to come tomorrow.


Sarah 9:57 PM  

It'll be okay, dearie. You and Alex are in good hands while Casey's away. How do I know? Because there are hundreds upon hundreds of good vibes and prayers and everything else being sent your way right now.

On a lighter note...

Word verification: Sesse. You see what I see? SESSE. 'Cause that's what I am. SESSE. :)

Lisa 11:58 PM  

Awww, mom needs a hug too. I wish I was there to help with recovery. I'll so be thinking of you all!!

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