Friday, January 15, 2010


I am overflowing with things to do. My sanity is running on paths made up of lists. Lists of things to do for every category of my life. School, Business, Budget, Meals, Bill dates, Books to read, Monthly goals, Crafts to complete,Family things. My days are listed and arranged as I shuffle the multiple pieces of paper around in order of importance.
Behind the wallpaper of lists are two people who have kept my week running smoothly. Casey has been the cooker, the dishwasher, the laundry rebooter, the encourager, the extra alarm clock in the morning, he has been everything I needed this first week.
Alex has been both a start and stop watch to my day. I start with a shift of mental gears once he is safely on his way to school, and then I spin for hours in my new exciting whirlwind and come to a stop when his feet coming running up the lawn to a home waiting for its boy. Alex has been curious and aloof, distance and underfoot, he has been my everything, my daily bookends.
Between the listed items have been snippets of my days that I am holding close. I work out a problem with pencil and calculator but my mind is thinking of Alex's handwritten birthday wish list. I have been logging in and playing my part on discussion boards, but my gratitude has been wafting downstairs where Casey's perfectly planned comfort meals have waited. So I am savoring these little bits that have kept my day steady and purposeful. These thoughts and memories and actions spinning onto the Spindle in my mind, crafting my new goals into our daily life.
And I have been so alive and so happy.


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