Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19th DayBook

Outside My Window... it is foggy and damp. But we are supposed to hit the 70's this week, yay!

I am thinking... about my packed schedule, I just set my work schedule through April, I am insane.

I am thankful for... school, seriously love it!

From the craft room... Crafts?? None till the summer, except for some random stitching when I am really in need of crafting.

From the kitchen... stews and soups and crockpot meals, and tonight I made corn bread just to go with leftovers. Yummy.

I am wearing... a night gown!

I am creating... this week's homework list and work ahead list.

I am going... review tomorrow's Math sections and read my Govt. Chapter and notes and start the notes for the next Chapter. I am a geek.

I am reading... just finished a book last night and have realized that I need mindless reading for bed even though I am crammed with school work. Must hit up the library soon!

I am hoping... for Casey work, we need it.

I am hearing... favorite play list, hmmm, iPod in the math lab tomorrow.

One of my favorite things... a freshly vacuumed house, you don't want to know how many times I had to empty the Dyson.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Wednesday: School and homework
Thursday: Work and scouts at night
Friday: Work and grocery shopping!
Saturday: Nada!
Sunday: Homework, prepping for the new week.

Thoughts on School: I freaking love my English professor and not just because she gave me A's on all my work last week but because we totally get each other. :) Love that connection to a professor. My Govt. professor is CRAZY, so far he has yelled JEWS in class and gave a lecture on slang. My US History teacher ROCKS MY SOCKS, love love love her class. I hated hated hated the article we had to read and respond to this week though. Student Development, oh so lame, at least it is an easy A. Math, I really like having it at 8am and I like the idea of the math lab, going tomorrow to knock out homework and required time. I can't believe I have to start planning Summer and Fall classes all ready! Registration starts in two months. Oh man, I am a school geek.


Lisa 5:47 PM  

you ARE such a school geek! DO IT!!!! I am so glad you have connections with your professors. that's the hard part about online or seminar courses!

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