Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A short Savoring #5

Casey and I enjoyed a small sleep in, but had plenty of time to inhale the healing properties of morning coffee before we were off to pick up Alex from his grandparents house.

After chores and lunch, I surprised Alex with a trip to Sea World to see The Polar Express in 4D, and all the other Christmas goodies.
The fake snow was a hit, but didn't taste so good I heard.

Finally, the theater, the glasses, the pre-teen really showing up in his face.

Once home, a dinner of delivery pizza and movies and games. And I dug out of my old old craft box a long dormant cross stitch, all because Sarah inspired me. Sarah, you have no idea how many times I wish we lived next to each other so I could talk stitching with you tonight.


Sarah 11:45 PM  

You are awesome!!! Finish that one up and then we'll get you stitching on LINEN. Once you go with it, you'll never go back. I promise. And yes, I wish we lived closer, too!! So much to talk about, and not just being crafty!! ♥

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Looks like someone tried making the actual word verification word "supercalifragilisticexpealidocious" but got frustrated after the first spelling mistake 5 letters in.

Lisa 12:45 AM  





Lisa 12:46 AM  

Additionally, my mother asked about you. =) GASPED when I told her what grade Alex was in. She still warmly recalls when she was "Granma Karen" at Disneyland with us!

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