Thursday, December 24, 2009

Savoring the Holiday Eve #6

Christmas Eve, quite possibly my favorite day of the year. Everything is ready. Traditions are in play. And happiness is everywhere.
We enjoyed our traditional Eve Lunch out, which usually happens after we go to the zoo for the morning. But the crazy windy weather made that impossible this year. Hooter's still held all it charm with fried pickles, Cubans, and wings even if we didn't see our Grizzly Bear first.

Mickey Santa is outside ready to deliver presents!
Our own Christ deer has been reborn thanks to a handy Casey, some electrical tape, and wire strippers. He met an unfortunate end due to hard wind gust. But now he is fixed!

Alex is all tucked into bed warm and snuggly. Straining his ears to hear Santa's rein deer on the roof and the Polar Express pulling up out front.
And presents have started to appear under the tree.
Merry Christmas Eve!


Lisa 1:21 AM  

my mom GUSHED at the alexy email <3 thanks!

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