Wednesday, October 07, 2009

That one voice

I have been hearing one voice daily for about 17 years. That of my alarm clock. One day 17 years ago I decided that I needed to have an alarm clock that would wake me up to my favorite track on a favorite CD. So I trotted my butt down to JcPennys, and ORDERED from a CATALOG my alarm clock.

#1: Did you catch the order/catalog bit? Anyone else remember the huge storage and bin areas at JcP's for the catalog pick up area? Catalogs rocked.

#2: Yes, I am still using the same magnavox alarm clock, only thing that doesn't work is the radio because my cat in college chewed off the antennae. And it is huge.

#3: Okay, so I don't hear it every day.

Anyways, same voice most mornings, telling me to haul my ass out of bed. But lately, my brain isn't allowing my ears to hear that voice. But at the same time my brain is telling my hands to hit the snooze and shut that old voice up. Which translates into = I have been waking up late. Usually to a string of curses coming out of my mouth. I actually yelled Oh Shit on Monday morning. And I wasn't even that late, it was a Panic tourettes.

So this morning, we needed to be up early-ish. I wanted Alex to take a shower in the am, eat breakfast here, ride the bus, and have time to eat another breakfast at school if he wanted too. All because of a stupid state math test today.

Enter Voice #2, my Blackberry alarm. It wakes me up to the tune of "antelope" and didn't have a snooze. Or so I thought, because my brain figured out that if I just slap the keyboard, snooze goes into effect. *sigh*

But I still got up, which means I haven't tuned out this new voice completely. I think I might need to move my alarm clock all the way over to the other side of the room. But then I am sure to break an ankle doing morning acrobatics trying to shut it up. Trade offs...


Rolling Off The Edge... Together 8:23 AM  

Hi! Thanks for visiting :)

I too have had the same alarm since... wait for it...

1991. Yes. The year I graduated from HS and bought all the stuff I needed for college. It is the called the Dream machine or something odd NOT true like that.

It still does the trick when needed but mostly the kids are up before any NORMAL alarm clock should be going off so I have not set it regularly since 2005 when my son was born. OY.

Any who, it is tan and matched all my college "stuff" well. Now it is just dated and old and oh how I love it and will use it until it stops working or pass it on to my kids when they head off to college. I am cheap like that ;)

Stephanie 6:13 AM  

Having it on the other side of the room definitely helps. That is what I do, but I agree that alarm clock sound is dreadful!

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