Friday, October 02, 2009

New Fence!

This week we got a new fence installed. We had been pricing fences for years, the lowest quote we had found was over $5,000, did I mentioned that we have a very deep property? But then our neighbors got a discounted rate through the company their son in law works for, so we jumped on it!Our old fence was a horrible cheap basket weave that was getting ready to fall down. In some cases it did fall down. It was an easy escape for the dogs. They could climb over it, crawl under it, or just knock it down if they really wanted too.
So the crew came out and demo'd it all in one day, dug new post holes, leveled the ground, destroyed some Chinaberry Trees ( which we hate), and four days later...
We have a new fence! We opted for a gate in the back to the greenbelt, just in case the girls ever get out again, and to make it easier to keep the greenbelt easement maintained. We are so happy! It feels great to have a sturdy fence to keep our girls in and people/critters out. Yay!
This was the last item on a list we made the week we moved in, five years ago, of things we wanted to get done. Now on to a new list! Thanks Casey for all the work you did to pay for the fence, you ROCK!


Lisa 12:33 PM  

What an improvement! It is so beautiful! Yay for safety

whoa- my word verification is sineade!!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards 10:09 PM  

Wow! That looks really nice. What a difference a new fence can make.

Thanks for the comment on our blog. I'm not sure what to do about the background. It was working earlier today, which is strange. I'll have to deal with it early.

Screaming Iguana 11:45 PM  

You hear that? I rawk!

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