Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Goals, Let's see how I Did!

All right, October has come and gone with a whooooosh! Now it is time to see how I did with the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the month. I really enjoyed this format and found myself doing things JUST to be able to cross them off. :) Guess that is how goals work right?

Okay here goes with the check list!

Finish painting the Downstairs ( ugh, no comment)
Purge and organize my office ( this is in process and I will totally be done next week, so excited!)
Decorate for Fall
Organize kitchen appliances and storage in pantry

Make a list of easy sauces (Just didn't get to it)
Purge Freezer and Reorganize
Inventory Pantry (started, but I need to devote a day completely uninterrupted to do this)
Clean fridge!

Peter Bible Study twice a week ( got it done about once a week, need to start up my morning devotionals again)
Thirst Bible Study weekly ( not even started!)
Finish Omnivores Dilemma ( picked up a new book instead)

Build second layers on two beds (Nov. for sure!)
Build two new beds (Nov. for sure!)

Prep one bed as a winter compost bed
Plant Mums in front yard for Autumn (Casey exercised husband veto on this one)

An hour on the Elliptical 4 times a week ( HA! I am so bad)
Do 30 day Shred 3 times a week

Update Budget weekly
Create new budget report for businesses (started but ran into some coding issues, still working on this one)
Organize business receipts for the summer (started! but not complete)
Stay within monthly budget for grocery! ( we went over by $75)
Track personal spending of cash money ( wasn't horrible with this, but I need to use my money book again)

The Christmas Prep
Make a Holiday budget!
Price Alex gifts
Purchase some Alex gifts. (Nov. is out gift purchasing start!)
Work on craft gifts
Organize Holiday Closet
Overall I got a lot of it done, some areas I just need to focus on ( like health and personal). I hated not being able to cross things off just because they were not completely done yet, just more motivation to do it! Look for Novembers goals tomorrow! I WILL get more done next month. :)


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards 8:10 PM  

Great work on your list. I love monthly goals list. Having it written down encourages me to do it.

Lisa 7:22 PM  

I love this format. I might have to try it...!

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