Thursday, June 11, 2009

Steve the Hedgehog

Alex got a hedgehog this past weekend. We had looked into a hedgehog as a pet around his birthday but decided it was just too expensive to start. But when you put out to the world that you want a hedgehog, sometimes the world gives you your wish.

Kim had a friend who needed to find a home for one of her hedgehogs, apparently Steve is not friendly with other males. So this past Saturday Steve made his way to our family with everything he needs to live.
He was a bit grumpy the first four days, not quite certain of his surroundings and all the new smells. He hisses and puffs up his quills when mad. He kind of sounds like boiling water in a tea kettle. But with the addition of this new little critter bed, he is super happy and much more calm.

He is hiding in most of this pictures because of the camera flash, tomorrow Alex and I are going to take him outside to explore in the grass before the heat of the day. Hopefully you will get to see his adorable little face. And we will hopefully get a chance to double check that Steve is not a Stephanie.


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steve =)

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