Thursday, January 29, 2009

Days Falling off

Yeah, I am here, have been staring at my calendar as more work days are falling off the books. It means that I am home more, but it also means that there is not a paycheck.

Anyways, Alex's birthday is in less than a week! His party is all planned, except for the bounce house, the invites are out, cake supplies will be purchased this weekend, and soon our kiddo will be NINE YEARS OLD! Holy Heck, that happened fast. I swear once you get past the diapers and bottle stage and into the "hey this kiddo can have a conversation" stage, the days and weeks and months and years fly by.

As for Shred, oopps, those days fell away too. I am going to start it back up today, make it part of my morning routine because the Shred is much better than blog reading for an hour. Right?


lisa 12:00 AM  

LOL I've only worked out once this week. =( mornings when I am not working are the BEST times for me to get it done. GOOD LUCK! You can do it!

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