Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Mornings

I stare at this everyday.

Ahhh I swear I could kiss myself for finally rearranging my schedule so I have Mondays and Fridays off. Mondays are not so bad when I can start off the week with a slow cup of coffee, some Jack Johnson, the tease of rain outside my window, and 2 too many puppies wrestling at my feet. Nice for me.


  • I made pizza Friday and it was so much better than the pizza we had out on Saturday.

  • Saturdays Italian restaurant did give me a fabulous dish called Charcoal Chicken, and a bit of buzz from the wine.

  • It was homecoming Saturday and seeing all those young kids in their dresses and suits made me feel old, but awesome. Here I sit at 31 with a great husband, a great kid, I had awesome hair and cute purple shoes on, and none of those girls could top me. Yeah I had to pull out the ego for this one. :)

  • I started SUPER cleaning the kitchen. So far only one side of the room is done, but on that I side I have scrubbed the counters, put away extra stuff that was out, cleaned off the top of the fridge, cleaned off random stuff on the fridge, and removed stuff that I had tacked to the wall. It looks so white and clean now. Yay!

  • I made a Lemon Mousse cake Saturday for my moms birthday,and I really wish I had taken a picture of it. It was delish.

  • Casey got stung by a wasp Friday, I felt so bad because I didn't even know the nest was there and he was picking up the hose that I had draped over the nest. Ouchy!

  • I have a HUGE urge to paint the downstairs of our house, maybe because we are having two parties and one guest in the next three weeks. Eepp!

Today, I am going to squeeze in some Japanese food, some laundry, some homework wrangling, some bread baking, some mopping, some rain dancing, and some bad TV. Yeah Mondays are great.


lisa 4:42 PM  

I'll have to try your pizza next time! mmmm =9

and yeah, we have very decent japanese food!

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